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    Green Tea Mask

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    ✔️ Guarantees Instant Result

    ✔️ Fully Natural Remedy

    ✔️ Prevents breakouts and keep skin shine-free 

    ✔️ Removes Pores, Acne, Pimples & Blackheads

    ✔️ Works perfectly for all skin types


    Instantly Makes your Skin look Smooth and Silky

    Do you have any of the following worries? large pores, acne, pimples, and blackheads.


    In less than 10 minutes, you can rid of all your worries and have perfect, radiant & flawless skin!

    Our Green Tea Mask helps to remove dull, dead skin as well as dirt and debris from your skin, leaving it clean and radiant. All while tightening pores and detoxing your skin, leaving it feeling flawlessly smooth and refreshed.


    A Fully Natural Remedy

    It can not only protect your skin from premature aging, UV damage, redness, and irritation, but it can also combat bacteria that cause acne breakouts. It even helps to regulate hormonal imbalances in your body, one of the key causes of acne.




     The soothing, natural clay-based mask helps heal blemishesprevent breakouts and keep skin shine-free 

    Medicated formula with acne-fighting salicylic acid goes deep to clean and unclog pores, rid skin of excess oil.
    In just 10 minutes, the skin looks clearer and feels smoother and less congested.
    Gentle, non-drying formula won’t irritate the skin.