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    Gel Pressure Relief Cushion

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    If you spend significant time sitting in your office, car, or home– a proper seat cushion can make a world of difference.

    About this item

    Soft & Thick

    The gel seat cushion for long sitting adopts a thickened double-layer honeycomb design, which has good elasticity and can make your seat softer.

    Cool & Comfortable

    The gel cushion is made of high-quality gel and has a very good constant temperature, which can provide you with a cooler seat in the hot summer.

    Breathable & Reduce Sweat

    The gel seat cushion for office chair adopts a hollow structure with more than 2000 holes, which has very good air permeability, reduces hip sweating. 

    gel cushion

    Relieve Hip Pain

    The gel seat cushion for hip pain has enough thickness and elasticity, soft, can well cushion your weight, and better relieve hip pain.

    Big & Perfect

    Gel seat cushion enlarged design can better match your seat, so that you can enjoy the comfort of a soft seat at any time. This gel cushion for sitting will be your perfect gift.

    gel wheelchair cushion


    Special Feature:Durability
    Fill Material:Gel