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    Memory Foam U-Shaped Pillow

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    High Quality Material - Made of premium 60 High density bamboo charcoal memory foam with 3 to 5 seconds rebound for cervical protection and a stress-free sleep, zero pressure to comfortable relaxation, moisture-absorbing with 100% Polyurethane inner core. Removable and washable.

    Ergonomic Design - Unlike any other pillow, our patented design has a curve with space underneath to place your arms. It is perfect pillow for back, side or front (stomach) sleepers. It eases the arm pressure. It really makes couples or lovers be closer and more romantic to each other. It allows you to prevent numbness in arm while cuddling up from frontal or behind as a cuddle pillow and the best gift for lovers.

    Great for Couples - The multi-functional pillow makes you fall asleep quickly when you relax after road trips or camping excursions. And the cervical pillow for sleeping can be a fixed pillow on the car, a cervical neck pillow used on the plane during a trip or travel, a sweet couple sleeping pillow for relaxing on a sofa at home, best side pillow & couple hug pillow for sleeping on a bed, a lunch break pillow in the office or library, and a lumbar pillow for work.


    Washable - The pillow has a nice silk pillowcase and a detachable zipper on the reverse side that can be cleaned. The pillow case promotes airflow to keep cool, reduce wrinkles caused by pressure and against face embossing when side sleeping. 

    Improved Sleep Quality - The pillow can improve sleep when one sleep on side because there is enough space to put arm underneath. Alternatively you can also sleep with the pillow upside down as the U-shape will cradle your head and the memory foam will support your neck.  


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