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    Water Bead Tricolor Latte Concealer Cushion

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    From the Makeup Bag of a Pro

    "I'm always on the hunt for that 'Holy Grail' product, and I believe I've found it in this Concealer Cushion. Its stunning coverage and unparalleled staying power have genuinely blown me away. It takes me from my high-energy filming sessions to daily errands without missing a beat. And the nourishing formula? It's an oasis for the skin while keeping everything light and natural! Believe me, Sisters, this is not just another beauty product, it's a revolution! Try it, love it, and never look back!" - James Charles

    Perfectly Concealed, Naturally Radiant, All-day Lasting

    Effortless Elegance Made Simple

    Say farewell to the frustrations of oily skin, stubborn blemishes, and caked-on makeup. Presenting the Tricolor Water Bead Latte Concealer Cushion, an advanced formula to revolutionize your beauty routine. Experience the magic of a natural concealer that delivers 24-hour coverage, effortlessly.

    What our happy customers have to say

    "This air cushion concealer is incredible! It's so lightweight and gives me a natural, radiant finish. It effectively covers my late-night skin woes without smudging or caking. Plus, the puff applicator is so soft and gives an even application. A must-have for anyone who needs long-lasting coverage." - Anna, 34

    Experience the Essence Pack Technology

    Our air cushion isn't just an air cushion - it's a jar full of 'Essence Pack' technology. A step ahead of traditional sponge air cushions, our product ensures longer-lasting, even coverage with minimal moisture evaporation.

    Professional Endorsement

    Sophia Davis, Professional Makeup Artist, Australia: "The Tri-Color Water Bead Latte Concealer Cushion is a revolution in the makeup industry. Its impressive formulation delivers flawless coverage, controls oil, and provides a natural finish that lasts all day. Plus, its gentle ingredients ensure your skin is nourished and protected. This air cushion is ideal for anyone seeking a perfect, radiant look."

    Unveil Your Natural Glow

    Discover the ease of hiding pores and blemishes while controlling oil for a non-drying matte makeup finish. Be it for men or women, our concealer cushion guarantees a flawless look for everyone.

    Smudge-Proof & Long-lasting

    Stay flawless round the clock. Tested under real-life conditions, our formula promises to keep you looking fresh and impeccable, even beneath your mask.

    Nourishing Ingredients

    Our white beeswax is procured from the unspoiled landscapes of New Zealand, offering unparalleled UV protection. Our glycerin, derived from organic sources, provides exceptional hydration, while the ethylhexyl palmitate, a derivative of sustainably sourced palm oil, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

    Breathable Application

    Our three-layered, breathable powder puff—comprising an elastic sponge, fine powder, and high-textured PU leather—ensures an even application and a perfect finish, every time. Each layer is meticulously designed to pick up and hold onto the perfect amount of product, making application seamless and simple.

    Why Choose the Tri-Color Water Bead Latte Concealer Cushion?

    • Hour Coverage:
    • Thanks to the high concentration of finely milled, light-diffusing particles, you can enjoy lasting, flawless makeup that stays put, come what may.

    Suitable for All Skin Types:

    We've designed this universal solution for all skin types, including sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

    Waterproof & Sweat Resistant:

    Brave any weather with confidence. Our formula features cutting-edge water-resisting technology to ensure your look remains unspoiled.

    Natural Concealer:

    Bask in the glow of your natural beauty. Our concealer enhances your look without the need for heavy, artificial-looking makeup, making it ideal for everyday wear.

    Choosing Your Perfect Match

    #13 Bright: Ideal for those with a fair, light skin tone. This shade enhances the natural brightness of your complexion for an effortless glow.

    #21 Natural White: The go-to for medium skin tones. This shade flawlessly blends with your skin to create a balanced, natural white look.

    #23 Natural: Perfect for those with a darker skin tone. This shade enhances the warmth of your skin, giving you a natural, radiant finish.

    Rave Reviews from Our Radiant Customers

    "I love how the Tri-Color Water Bead Latte Concealer Cushion makes my skin look and feel. It flawlessly covers up my pores, controls oil, and still keeps my skin hydrated. The matte finish is just perfect. It's now an essential part of my makeup routine." - Maria, 31


    "As someone who's into acting and has to wear makeup for long hours, this product has been a boon. It helps my makeup stay on all day without fading or smudging, even under the harshest stage lights. Plus, it feels light on the skin, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Highly recommended for anyone needing long-lasting coverage!" - Cecelia, 29

    How to Use

    1. Start with clean, moisturized skin.
    2. Press the powder puff into the cushion to absorb the concealer. Pat the puff gently onto your skin, starting at the center of your face and blending outward.
    3. Smooth and blend the concealer into your skin for a natural finish. Add a little extra to areas that need more coverage.

    Product Information


    Package Includes

    Water Bead Tricolor Latte Concealer Cushion


    1.How long does the concealer cushion typically last?
    -Our Water Bead Tricolor Latte Concealer Cushion is designed for 24-hour coverage, providing long-lasting results.

    2.Is this concealer suitable for all skin types?
    -Yes, our product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

    3.Is it waterproof and sweat-resistant?
    -Absolutely! Our formula includes advanced water-resisting technology to ensure your makeup remains intact even in challenging weather conditions.

    4.Can I layer other makeup products on top of this concealer cushion, like foundation or powder?
    -Absolutely! Our concealer cushion works well as a base, and you can easily layer other makeup products on top to achieve your desired look.

    5.Can I wear it comfortably for long hours?
    - Yes, our concealer cushion is lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, making it perfect for various activities and professions.
    6.Can I wear the Water Bead Tricolor Latte Concealer Cushion under a mask without it smudging or transferring?
    -Absolutely! Our formula is smudge-proof and long-lasting, ensuring your makeup stays impeccable even when wearing a mask.

    7.What nourishing ingredients are used in this concealer cushion?
    -Our product contains white beeswax for UV protection, glycerin for hydration, and ethylhexyl palmitate for moisturization, all sourced from organic and sustainable origins.

    8.Is the Water Bead Tricolor Latte Concealer Cushion suitable for everyday use?
    -Yes, it's perfect for daily wear, offering natural coverage without the need for heavy makeup.

    9.Can I use this concealer cushion for special occasions or stage performances?
    -Certainly! Many professionals, including actors, use our product for long hours under stage lights due to its long-lasting coverage and lightweight feel.