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    3 in 1 Fingerprint-proof Screen Cleaner

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    What should I do if the electronic screen is dirty?

    Use 3 in 1 Fingerprint-proof Screen Cleaner, there is no longer the trouble of wiping dirty screens and using multiple cleaning tools. Fingerprint-proof Screen Cleaner is not only a cleaning agent but also a rag, which keeps the screen clean at any time!

    Applicable Equipment:

       ✅ Mobile phone, Computer, TV, Camera

    Main Features

    • 3 in 1 Multifunctional Cleaner : Fingerprint-proof Screen Cleaner is a protective shell with a flat surface and a built-in liquid bottle, including a protective shell + clean shell + internal bottle.(Contains cleaning fluid)
    • Integrated Spray And Wipe Design : Integrated spray and wipe design: Clean The Shell is both a bottle of detergent and a rag. As long as have it, you can keep the screen clean!
    • Washable And Clean Shell : Fiber flannel, can be washed repeatedly,does not fade,no shed hair
    • Portable : 3 in 1 Fingerprint-proof Screen Cleaner can be stored anywhere for quick use-your wallet, car, backpack-unlimited possibilities!
    • Reuse : Wash directly with clean water, which can be used repeatedly.

    Use Instructions



    • Plastic
    • Pink/ Gray
    Product Size
    • 3CM × 3CM × 9CM
    Product Weight
    • 82G
    Package Contents
    • Fingerprint-proof Screen Cleaner × 1+Cleaning fluid × 1