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    ALL-IN-ONE Effervescent Cleaner Set

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    Now you don't have to spend all day cleaning the whole house! ALL-IN-ONE Effervescent Cleaner Set has you covered! Simply spray on the stained area and watch the dirt and grease vanish in a minute!
    ALL-IN-ONE Effervescent Cleaner Set saves your spending on all ordinary cleaners for it has strong decontamination effect on kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, wood polish and more!
    Biological enzymatic formula effectively decomposes stains without chemical bleaching. Guaranteed to be harmless and non-toxic to use at home, especially safe for family with kids and pets.


    • ALL-IN-ONE: Replace all your ordinary cleaners and save the money. Also workable on your wood furniture & tools, keeping them brand new.
    • Biological Enzymatic Formula: Decompose stains in a chemical-free and non-toxic way. Guaranteed to be safe for kids and pets.
    • 5X Deep Cleanliness: 1 tablet can be dissolved with 4L of clean water. Simply spray on the stained area and rinse, the grease or dirty will vanish in a minute.
    • Harmless & Safe: Contains no bleaching or fluorescent agents. Will not cause damage to utensils, tools, furniture or human skin.

      How to Use?

      1. Dissolve 1 tablet with 4L of clean water. For better results, you can adjust the proportion.
      2. Put the dissolvent into the spray bottle.
      3. Spray to wash your air conditioner.

      Package Includes

      ALL-IN-ONE Effervescent Cleaner Set
      • 10 Tablets (With Spray Bottle) 

      • 30 Tablets (With Spray Bottle)