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    BearAir Freshener

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    Looking for a unique and adorable way to keep your car smelling fresh?

    These air fresheners are meant to be clipped to your air vent, and once you turn your AC on, the propeller starts spinning, dispersing the smell all around your vehicle. 

    Bears come with 2 naturally scented cotton pads. Just pick up your bear, put the scented pad inside a little airplane, then just place the bear back to the pilot seat and the magnet will clip him back.  If you need more scented pads, you can always get more, there is 3 different scent options and there is 5 pieces in every package!

    There is 3 different scent options for refills, jasmine, lemon or ocean. Package of refills comes with 5 pieces of scented pads. 


    Materials: metal alloy, hard plastic, rubber, cotton

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