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    Broom and Garbage Container Set

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    Triangular Hard Bristles: V-shaped triangular hard bristles, the brush head can rotate 120 degrees, fit the dead corners, clean the floor for you, clean the corner gaps of bathroom tiles, the edge of the toilet, and so on. The slender brush head can go deep into the dead corner, and the soft brush head can clean the bathroom without damaging the glaze.

    Detachable Adjustment: The brush head can be disassembled separately to clean the countertop pool and gaps on the countertop. The length of the floor brush is about 95cm (about 37.4in), and there is no pressure to clean high places.

    Suspension Design: Suspension design, convenient storage, space saving, not easy to accumulate water, convenient for daily cleaning and cleaning. Keep it clean and hygienic for a long time.

    Set Combination: Our product is a set of combination, including broom and garbage container, which can effectively help you clean the dirt. Windproof garbage container can quickly lock the garbage with a sound of click, very convenient and durable. Made of premium materials, not easy to rust, no deformation, long life, sustainable use.

    Multiple Functions: It can not only clean the crevices of the bathroom, the countertop pool, but also for scraping the glass. The glass is cleaned immediately after scraping. The rubber soft scraper is used to clean the glass without any scratches. It is your best choice for wiping and sweeping, and it is your good assistant for daily use at home.


    Material: PP+stainless steel

    Package weight: about 797G

    Packing List:

    1 * Broom and Garbage Container Set