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    Collapsible Microwave Plate Cover, Drain Basket

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    This Collapsible Microwave Food Cover keeps your microwave clean and free from splatters. When you are finished using it, it collapses to save precious space in the drawer or cabinet. Perforations in the lid allow steam to escape while protecting against food splatter. This kitchen accessory is ideal for heating leftovers, or steaming in the microwave.

    SAFETY: Unlike other plastic covers, our microwave lid is made from PP+TPR to ensure your dishes are free from undesired taste.Dishwasher & Microwave Safe.

    FLEXIBLE: Our microwave lid is fully collapsible for maximum flexibility so that you can use them to cover steep bowls or flat plates perfectly.

    KEEP CLEAN: Keep your microwave clean with a collapsible silicone microwave cover. by using our lid, your microwave will remain spotless so you never have to worry about spending your Saturday afternoons cleaning up unnecessary .

    CONVENIENCE&KEEP FOOD FRESH:  Perforations allow steam to escape while the food cooks. Also functions as a handy colander for fruit or vegetablePrevents messy microwave splatters.

    EASY STORAGE: With the ability to transform and collapse into a disc,Expands to 9cm thick and collapses to 2.5cm thick ,it can easily be stored in any cabinet, refrigeratorcupboard, or drawer for easy storage.

    Material: Food grade PP TPR
    Weight: 180g
    Size: 27.3*9CM, the height after folding is 2.5CM
    Package list:
    1*Food Microwave Cover