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    Compressed Towel

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    Travel, Hotel towels dare not use...Yesterday it might have been used to wipe tables, Shoes, Toilets, Floors...No one dares use this kind of towel? To recommend a small and portable, Travel load reduction compression towel!

    • STRONG WATER ABSORPTION: The reticulation process is strong water absorption, Flexible and not easy to tear off, Not easy to shed wool, Bring you a comfortable experience.
    • COTTON: Flexible and durable, Not easy to chip, Made by non woven cotton technology.
    • RECYCLABLE: After cleaning can clean the shoe bag, Clean kitchen, Clean furniture.
    • CONVENIENT: As small as candy, It saves space to carry around.


    • Secondary ingredient: Bamboo fiber.
    • Main ingredient: Viscose fiber.
    • Material: Non woven cotton.
    • Expanded size: 22 x 20cm.


    • This product does not dissolve in water.
    • Do not throw it into the toilet to avoid blockage.
    • Please put it into the garbage can after use.

    Package Include:

    • 1 Cans Compressed Towel (50 Pills).