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    Craft Embroidery Needle

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    Make beautiful hand-sewn 3D crafts with the Craft Embroidery Needle!

    This Embroidery punch needle set is making waves among DIYers and craft lovers for its tremendously EASY to do techniques that produce intricately beautiful custom textile art! You simply can't pass having this one!

    • CONTINOUS THREADING - Effortless continuous perfect threading! Create intricate handmade patterns with ease as the needle seamlessly goes right through on the fabric with little pressure.

    • EXTENSIVE HANDMADE PATTERNS & CUSTOMIZED CRAFTS - This is such a beautiful craft that you can apply to any kind of clothingPillows, rugs, wall hanging, ornaments, and other decorations. There's no limit to what you can create with this needle set!

    • EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS - Easy to use even by beginners. Just thread and start needle punching! The needles are cleverly color-coded to easily identify the designated needle for your specific works. 

    • VERSATILE APPLICATION - It comes with an interchangeable head that accommodates various needles. Be able to use it with different thread thicknesses according to your needs. It is also suitable for all clothing textiles.

    • DURABLE NEEDLES THAT LASTS FOR YEARS - Anti-corrosive and built tough to resist deformation, too. Made from high-quality alloy that will last for many years. Be able to pass it on to your daughter, niece or even granddaughter to continue the needle-work tradition!

    Transform any fabric into exquisite hand-made crafts! 

    Create the perfect hand-made embroidery with love, NOW! 


    Material: Electroplated Alloy

    Needle Sizes: 

    • 9# (needle thickness 0.9mm)
    • 10# (needle thickness 1.08mm)
    • 12# (needle thickness 1.21mm)
    • 14# (needle thickness 1.4mm)
    • 16# (needle thickness is 1.6mm)
    • 18# (needle thickness is 1.8mm)
    • 20# (needle thickness is 2.0mm)
    • 25# (needle thickness is 2.5mm)
    • 35# (needle thickness is 3.5mm)
    • 50# (needle thickness is 5.0mm)

    Package Inclusions: 

    • Needle Head 1
    • Needles x 10
    • Storage Container 1
    • Pinlead device 1