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    Easter Egg Decorating Kit

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    Easter egg decorator craft kit is a very interesting toy, which can stimulate children's creativity and imagination.

    The kids can use 8 colorful quick-drying markers to design different eggs.


    🐇Easy to operate: the easter egg dyeing machine is super easy to operate. Just put in the batteries and turn on the switch and the machine will turn the egg automatically.

    Then, when it rotating you just put the pen on the egg, and it automatically forms beautiful lines or stripes.

    🐇Enjoy unlimited fun: this fun motorized easter egg decoration kit can cultivate children's creativity. The kids can use 8 colourful quick drying markers to paint different patterns.

    The children are encouraged to be creative enough to come up with new patterns and design their own egg.

    🐇Eco-friendly and durable materials: don t worry about the material. The easter egg spinner decorating machine is made of non-toxic and tasteless materials.

    It s durable, environmentally friendly, high-quality plastic without bpa, and 100% safe.

    🐇Convenient to clean and spin smoothly: first of all, the side of the eggs do not touch the machine itself. It s means no messy coloring on the machine to clean up and it does not stain the eggs.

    Secondly, the egg spins in a perfect speed allowing you to draw circles or swirls.

    🐇An interesting activity: on easter day, it is an ideal activity for decorating your easter eggs with family and friends.

    Great for easter craft, easter school and class activity, easter family activities and games.


    Question:Can you use other markers?

    Answer:Absolutely! Use your favorite art supplies - markers, crayons, paint, whatever. There may be varying degrees of opacity, so be sure to run a test egg before committing to extremely creative projects.

    Question:Is one kit enough for 2 kids?

    Answer:yes. my grand daughter had 3-4 friends over and used it.

    Question:Can this be used on plastic eggs for decorative purposes?

    Answer:Yes it can be used with palstic eggs... you will need to weight down the plastic egg with play dough or jelly beans or something to provide weight. It is the weight of the hard boiled egg that keeps it spinning on the machine while decorating...

    The toy you can't miss out on this Easter!

    Fun For The Entire Family!

    Allows Kids To Use Their Imagination!

    Egg Coloring Without The Mess!

    Oh, And It's Fun To Play With...


    It's all the fun without the mess. Comes with 8 colorful markers allowing you to create endless designs.

    This fun DIY Easter egg decorating kit and egg dyeing machine is a perfect toy allowing your child to exercise their creativity while improving their fine motor skills. 

    They’ll learn the joys of making beautiful colorful stripes on each egg with their own two hands and can let children freely create their own personal Easter egg.


    The egg spinner holds and rotates the egg around allowing your child to easily paint the egg with nice and clean lines. 

    Put a toy or real egg into the machine, cover the protective housing and turn on the switch for the spinner to rotate. 

    Then hold a marker on the egg to create striped lines and other designs full of joy.


    These egg decorator toys are made of high-quality plastic, non-toxic makers, no sharp edge, eco-friendly and durable materials not harmful to children's health.