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    Electric Sonic Vibration Massage Brush

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    This Electric Sonic Vibration Massage Brush from Storeigo will be an essential part of your bathroom!

    • 🛀 A Complete Face and Body Cleansing System: Detachable brush handle and 5 level speed fit a full range of cleansing, from face wash to body wash, from a gentle wash to vigorous deep-cleaning, effectively sweeps oils, dirt, makeup residues, and blackheads reveal a smooth complexion. Back reachable, the long handle ergonomic design (total length is 15.67"/39.8cm) helps you scrub any part of your body when shower.
    • 🛀 Adjustable Vibration Speed: Adjust the strength that suits you with just one button (depending on how sensitive your skin is). There are 5 levels of vibration speed for different cleaning tasks. It tackles blemishes and clogged pores to advance skin's elasticity and collagen production. It also helps remove blackheads and whiteheads, and effectively reaches hard to clean areas like the sides of your nose and t-zone.

    • 🛀 Fully Waterproof: IP68 rating means this electric shower brush can be used safely in a shower or bathtub. It is no problem to sink it directly into the water. Enjoy the best quality skincare products at home. Clean the brush by simply rinsing it under warm water and air drying.
    • 🛀 Medical Grade Silicone Material: This body brush made of 100% natural, food-grade silicone material, easy to clean, quick dry and no residue features make it 35X more hygienic than other material brushes. Also, there will no irritation or injury cause when clean your body with Storeigo's silicone brush. It makes your shower time fun, enjoyable and relaxing.
    • 🛀 USEFULNESS: The shower brush is conveniently rechargeable with a built-in rechargeable battery giving a full charge making it ready for general use for 20 to 30 days for one person. Makes your skin feel invigorated and you will fall in love with your brush. Makes a fantastic gift for your wife or your significant other.


    • 💦 Effectively cleanses skin, gentle exfoliating, reduces pore blockage, improve skin texture.
    • 💦 Perfect to relax muscles, relieve stress, promote blood circulation as well as increase the elasticity of your skin.
    • 💦 Made of high quality silicone, the brush area is larger and gentler, which could help to produce a lot of foam.
    • 💦 864 pcs silicone tentacles, 12,000 vibrations per minute.
    • 💦 Waterproof design, could be used in the depth of one meter water.
    • 💦 Electric design can cleanse the skin more thoroughly than a manual body brush.
    • 💦 Soft bristle and massage function help you relax your body and soften your skin.
    • 💦 Unlimited charging design, easy to use, no need to plug and unplug.


    • ✨ Material: Food grade silicone + PP
    • ✨ Handle Size: 10.24"x1.1"; Brush Size: 5.4"x2.67"
    • ✨ Net Weight: 182g
    • ✨ Color: Hot Pink, Blue, Green
    • ✨ Battery Capacity: 1000mah/3.7V (Full charge in 1 hour,general use for 20-30 days for one person)
    • ✨ Button: Switch on and off by pushing the button 3 seconds
    • ✨ Indicator light: Light is flickering when charging, and the full state indicator is always bright.
    • ✨ Shifts: 5 Shifts (Power on, it will be in 3rd shift, push the button once, it will forward 1 shift)
    • ✨ Charge protect, run 10 minutes, will automatically stop

    Package Includes:

    • 🛁 1 x Electric Sonic Vibration Massage Brush