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    Gesture Sensing Smart Robot

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    Ground Breaking Gesture Control Technology!

    Smart Robot is the toy kids go crazy for, singing and dancing in response to your actions it's truly unlike any toy you've seen before. The best gift for Children or RC fanatics, it promotes a creative and fun activity for kids that doesn't revolve around a screen and is sure to bring joy on Christmas morning.


    Language Mimicking Technology: The Smart Robot is capable of listening to your voice and commands to react, respond and communicate in any language!

    Educational Multi-Use: Although mainly used for fun - you can use this robot to respond and create a fun way for your child to learn the basics of numbers, grammar, and language!

    Lifelike Joints & Movements: It has lifelike joints throughout knees, neck, elbows and even fingers - so it can dance and jump or move around like your new best friend. An impressive thing to witness even as an adult!

    Gesture Sensing Control: Response to simple gestures such as waving, high five, and touch.

    Optional Regular Remote Control Included!


    Color: Red, Blue
    RC Distance: About 7-8 meters
    Usage Time: 40 minutes
    Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
    USB Rechargeable
    Product Size: 16x9x26cm
    Ages 8+ Recommended
    User Manual Included