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    Handmade Kalimba - Premium 17 Key Mahogany Kalimba

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    Easy to learn & beginner friendly
    Perfectly Pre-Tuned in C. Tuneable to any scale
    Improves mindfulness
    Wonderful sounds

    Let's Relax With Handmade Kalimba

    Take your Kalimba anywhere, and start enjoying the sounds no matter where you are!

     Wonderful Sound: All the Kalimba keys produce a crisp and sweet sound, making you very relaxed.

    Easy to Learn: All of the keys come with engraved notes, making it very easy to memorise and learn songs!

     Mahogany Wood: Kalimba's are handmade with high grade mahogany wood, it’s beautifully made and very durable.

    Beginner-Friendly Starter-Kit

    What’s in your starter kit?
    Tuning hammer
    Set of stickers
    Thumb protectors
    Protection sleeve
    Instruction book