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    Instant Kitchen Faucet Filter - Tap Water Filter

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    introducing the latest Water Faucet Filtration system. This easy to install water faucet can instantly remove contaminants from the water. Special Features-

    • Can easily and effectively remove rusts, sediments worms, colloids, and many unseen bacteria.
    • Doesn’t hamper water flow at all, as per test it generates 2L per min which is pretty good speed rate.
    • Use of 2 water slot, unfiltered spray, and filtered spray ensures clean water instantly.
    • Simple screw thread made it easy to use and install to any type of tap.
    • Long lasting and durable filter cartridge easily replaceable, most filter cartridge last 3 months but its cartridge last 6 months!
    • After washing the filter you can still use it many times.
    • Clinically tested and found totally safe to wash rice and vegetables.
    • Hygiene lovers can use it to wash face, clean teeth, and bath kids too.