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    Lazy Quilt With Sleeves ( 60% Off Today Only )

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    WINTER AND AUTUMN: Lazy Quilt With Sleeves for the whole family

    This amazing "lazy quilt comforter" has long sleeves and zip, so you can wear it to play games, watch TV or read in bed, couch, sofa, lounge, etc.

    The Sleeves are soft and thin... THIS "LAZY QUILT WITH SLEEVES" has good skin tone and good color fastness. Exquisite quilting technology, filling evenly distributed, the overall plump, difficult to harden.

    Product Description:

    From now on, you can play quietly with your mobile phone or your computer comfortably in your bed, without worrying about cold wind that may pass under the blanket.

    A comfortable life, everything you want to do, is now possible: playing games / reading / Internet / TV / Office / Travel... OUR SPECIAL QUILT is now your intimate companion...


    • Metal zipper with a shaded design.
    • This lazy quilt comforter cover can be washed in machine, and by hands; without any deformation.
    • Design with sleeves, fine stitching, warm and comfortable.
    • The sleeves are so soft and thin, with attractive colors and good hold.
    • Exquisite quilting technology, uniformly distributed, plump filling as a whole, does not harden.




    • Size: 1.2 x 1.6 m.
    • Material: Polyester..

    Package included:

    • 1 x Lazy Quilt With Sleeves


      • Due to the difference between the different types of screens and the light effect, the actual color of this product might be slightly different from that in the photos.
      • 1. Machine wash in cold water separately, Do not bleach, Tumble dry low heat;
        2. The quilt cover can be detached, you can wash the cover and need not wash the comforter.