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    Leather Car Seat Organizer

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    PU Leather Car Back Seat Organizer Car Seat Tray Accessories Organizer


    • Multi-pockets:- Multi-pocket car backseat organizer - PU leather auto back car seat organizer that features a luxurious iPad pocket, cup holders, umbrella pocket, tissue drawing pocket and other spacious compartments for extra items.

    • Adjustable:- Sturdy Foldable tray and adjustable - made of hard board, bear up to 2 kg items, take your eating on the go more convenient and safe, long enough adjustable top and bottom buckle straps, the bottom strap remains tucked under the seat back so the driver and passenger don't feel it, the backseat organizer will stay in place it won't slide off your car seat.

    • Foldable Meal Tray:- Foldable shelf design, easy to storage and conveniently to enjoy food or snacks.

    • Multi-functional:-Multi-function car seat back organizer, large storage space for you to store magazines, tissue, CD, drinks, snacks, pen, phone, umbrella in it.

    • Waterproof:-Waterproof and easy to install - it is made of PU leather waterproofing material so you can store water bottles and drink bottles, simple and easy to install, it takes less than a minute with the long enough adjustable top and bottom buckle straps.

    • Durable:-Keep your car clean - you could wipe clean with soft cloth, the back seat organizer is made of luxury PU leather to ensure durability and eliminate stretching or shrinkage, waterproof backing protects the car seat upholstery from liquid spills and stains.

    • Marks Resistant:-Protects more of your seat - this greater coverage means peace of mind protection against damage from scuff marks, snow, sleet and mud.

    • Load Bearing Shelf:-15kg load-bearing shelf, you can put several beverages on it at the same time.

    • Premium Quality PU Leather:-Made of durable PU(polyurethane) leather, won't scratch your car seats, good performance and stability.

    • Easy to Use:- Portable to carry, makes traveling comfortable and trouble free, this organizer is a great addition to your vehicle.

    • Universal Fit:- Easy to install, fit for most car backseats, it is universal.


    • Size: 63*48cm (L*W)
    • Type: Car Seat Organizer
    • Material: PU Leather
    • Quantity: 1 Piece
    • Item Color: 5 colors As shown