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    LED 3D Butterfly Wall Lights (10 Pieces)

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    10 Pcs Led 3D Butterfly Wall Lights

    Illuminate and transform your child’s room or yours with these dazzling 10 Pcs Led 3D Butterfly Wall Lights!

    Design your child’s bedroom in a theme they will love! These LED butterfly wall decor add a fun and colorful touch to any bedroom. The colorful butterfly wall lights can be applied easily on all kinds of smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, closets, plastics, metals, tiles, Fridge surfaces, laptops and many more! If you want to add the vibrant colors of nature to your home or office spaces, these butterfly wall stickers are the perfect decorations to use.

    10 Pcs Led 3D Butterfly Wall Lights

    Just make sure to clean and smoothen out the surfaces when you stick the butterflies up. Press them each firmly, the sticky pads will then do the rest of the work and will stick on those walls and create the illusion that your room is teeming with the colorful and lively bounty of nature flying around. Everybody just loves the simple design of these glowy butterflies and the 10 Pcs Led 3D Butterfly Wall Lights also come in different wing colors and patterns as well as varying sizes. You will never be bored looking at the hypnotizing and alluring designs these 3D butterflies have. The LED lights attached to these vibrant creatures rotate and change automatically in 7 different colors.

    10 Pcs Led 3D Butterfly Wall Lights

    Enhance your room decor and create an interesting and stimulating environment with these colorful and vibrant butterfly wall stickers. They will serve as delightful night lights to keep you company and illuminate the darkness. You can put all 10 pieces up in random patters, but they will look great spread out in different locations in the room. These wall decals make great gifts as well! If you’re not the once decorating the room, then have others do it with these beautiful 3d butterfly wall decals!

    10 Pcs Led 3D Butterfly Wall Lights


    • Material: ABS + LED
    • Suction Pad: Approx. 3.5cm
    • Power Supply: 2 x batteries (CR1220 and LR1130)

    Package Includes: 

    • 10 x 3D Butterfly Wall Lights