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    Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal

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    Love Getting Your Nails Done, But Hate The Removal Process?

    Remove Gel & Polish At Home Without Damaging Your Nails

    Want to prevent post-gel disasters and never have to repair your nails again? Then you’ll love our Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal!

    Designed to ensure your nails never get ruined again after gel removal, the GlazySkin™ Nail Steamer makes the hard gel or nail polish slip off your nails in seconds. It can be used with any nail routines that are acetone soluble. Now you can finally get all that good stuff on your nails and make them look glazy, without having to repair them all over again every time! Say Goodbye To The Old Soak-Off Method with Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal.

    Fast, Easy & Damage-Free Nails Every Time

    Do you get white spots and lines on your natural nails after removing the polish or Are your nails constantly breaking, peeling, and flaking away? All you need is a way to remove the polish that doesn’t destroy your nail & cuticle health!

    That’s why Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal uses breakthrough steam technology that effectively removes gel, acrylic, SNS, dipping powder, polish & more, without being aggressive on your nails!
    Choose Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal to say goodbye to the old soak-off removal method and say hello to your new at-home nail routine!


    No More Burning $1000s On Salon Removal & Repair!

    A recent study reported that the average cost of acrylic nail removal at the salon is as much as $100 of your hard-earned bucks! That’s almost TWO TIMES the price of our Nail Steamer! for ONLY ONE removal session! But no worries, we got you covered!

    You can keep your nails healthy without paying for pricey salon repair sessions from now with Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal. If you’re ready to make your nails Glazy! Make a one-time purchase that will solve all your problems. You can use it again and again and also save 40% Off today with 60 days money-back guarantee today!

    How To Use!

    Step 1: Use a nail file to gently rub the polish on your nail surface.
    Step 2: Open the cover of the nail steamer and Turn it counterclockwise to open.
    Step 3: Take out the plastic cup and add nail polish remover/ acetone (about 5ML). Put the cup back into the machine.
    Step 4: Close and tighten the sealing cap.
    Step 5: Connect the plug and turn the power on (indicator H is on). When the indicator light turns to S (approximately 2 minutes after power on), put your hands in and start steaming your nails.
    Step 6: Take your nails out around 10 minutes later and Use a peeling spatula to remove the nail polish. Done!

    Note: The hands must be placed correctly when removing the nails, the nails must enter the sealing ring. Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal  is temperature-protected. When it reaches a certain temperature, the lamp will be adjusted to "W" to keep the heat, and then it will continue to heat when the temperature drops.
    Don't touch the heated liquid with your hands or nails. Por Steam Nail Gel Polish Removal is only works with it's steam.