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    Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

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    With the Booster Infinity Hoop to your dream physique!

    Experience fun and effective ways of working out while burning up to 800 calories per hour! Booster Smart Hula hoop guarantees a nonstop body workout by rotating the gravity ball attached to the hoop. 



    😍Unlike traditional hula hoop, Booster smart hula hoop sits comfortably on your waist and never falls!

    😍 Can be used in a variety of applications, for post-natal recovery, office sedentary, and are also suitable for sports advocates. 

    😍 As long as you spin the Booster smart hula hoop for half an hour per day, it is equal to 1 hour of swimming/ 3 hours of running/4 hours of yoga.

    Booster smart hula hoop can be composed of sections, which can increase or decrease the number of slides on the main body to adjust the waist size. BodySmarty hula Hoop is adjustable to all waist sizes from 31 to 61 inches.

    Detachable Fitness Hoop, Lose Weight Instantly

    Booster smart weighted hula hoops for exercise come with 24 detachable knots plus 4 extra sections. It is suitable for a max 61-inch / 155cm waistline. Meanwhile, each of the smooth and non-slip surfaces has an individual spring, you can enjoy a 360° surrounding massage while doing an Abdomen fitness message. Makes fitness goes with massage in pleasure What's more, Booster smart hula hoops are suitable for a fitness room, outdoors, home, office, and anywhere you want with the convenient detachable design. Good choice for anyone who wants to fix the waistline, skinny legs, slender arms, and firm buttocks.

    Adjustable - Fit All Size / Shapes

    Our frame is adjustable to fit all waist sizes from 31 to 61 inches. Simply remove a link for a tighter fit around the waist (or add extra links to increase the size). Our upgraded model comes with additional massage tips for a softer, more comfortable experience.  

    Why Choose Booster


    Who is it for?

    Suitable for waists that are less than 155cm

    Right now, the Weighted Smart Hula Hoop is on SALE!

    How to Install

    Getting started is super easy with these simple steps;

    Step 1: Fill the gravity ball with sand

    Step 2:  Put the gravity ball into the slide rail

    Step 3:  Align the buckle

    Step 4:  Close the track buckle

    Where can use

    Warm Tips:

    1. Children under the age of eight must be used in the accompany of adults.

    2. Don't wrap a smart fitness hula hoop around your neck. When using, keep away from pets, kids, objects, etc...

    3. Please store weighted hula hoops in a dry place. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time.

    4. Please be careful when installing the fitness hoop and do not detachable the knot too forcibly.



    Material: ABS
    Color: pink/purple/blue

    Maximum diameter: 45-50cm
    Small ball size: 11 * 7 * 7cm; rope length: 11cm
    24 section suit for the waist is less than 130cm
    28 section suit for the waist is less than  155cm


    The sports hoop ball does not contain fillers, please fill it by yourself. the user can change the number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their own bearing, For beginners, it is recommended not to exceed 200g.