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    Super Elastic Magical Stockings

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    Longing to have a perfect give to yourself and your friend? Something that is durable and can prevent scratch? Then, this Super Flexible Magical Stocking is what you are looking for!

    *Do not attempt. We are not liable for any injuries sustained from attempting this. For illustrative purposes only.

    The highest quality of nylon and acrylic is where the Super Flexible Magical Stocking made from to assure a high-elasticity and anti-hook. It has a super high elasticity, which makes it suits almost everyone! These tights also are super thin that you can compare it to how thin the cicada's wings are. You can wear it during any season and have fun matching your outfits! You can choose between sleek black and natural skin color. What are you waiting for? Grab yours now and feel its elasticity!

    • DURABLE PRODUCT MATERIAL. Durable and strong silk material, prevent scratch, rip, and fuzz. Italian import materials show nature luster and high quality. The product is so tight and thin and has a high elasticity. It is made from Acrylic and Nylon Green Tea Oil. Its main composition is Polyamide/Nylon. It is the free size, and because it is super elastic, it can fit all sizes!
    • SKIN BEAUTY| LEG BEAUTY. Gentle, silky, light and breathable allows the skin to breathe freely. It can also absorb sweat and dry fast to allow proper ventilation. This Super Flexible Magical stocking helps in blood circulation, smooth and skin condition.
    • SUNBLOCK. Blocks the sun to prevent tanning and sunburn. Effectively protect the skin that is being exposed outside.
    • EASY TO USE. You will only have four (4) steps to follow on how to use it easily. Step1:Rolls the stocking down to the tip of the toe. Step2:Adjust the tip and the heel for fitting, and gently rolling upward. Step3:Stand up and pull up both sides for further adjustment. Step4:Smoothing both legs and pull together with the tights uniform fit, allow pull and wear stockings to the waist.
    Package Included:
    1x Super Elastic Magical Stockings