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    Teeth Sharpener Saw Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener

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    Chainsaws get the job done fast! But when it’s time for sharpening, it’ll take you an hour or so.

    Not anymore with this Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener!

    Sharpens chainsaw teeth in seconds

    Built with a sharpening stone inside, you just need to lock your chainsaw in the bar-mount sharpener, press the tip against a solid surface, turn on your chainsaw for a spin, and that’s it. You spend more time cutting than on sharpening.

    Accurate sharpening

    You don’t have to worry if it’ll miss a chainsaw tooth! Its bar-mount and bar guide perfectly align your chainsaw to give the sharpening your chainsaw teeth deserve!

    Turns old chainsaw teeth to brand new

    Sometimes, chainsaw teeth are prematurely thrown away, thinking they can’t be sharpened anymore. But with this Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener, you can turn the dullest chainsaw teeth to brand new. This saves you more money.

    Portable design

    Unlike traditional chainsaw sharpeners that require a file, a clamp, or a table, this sharpener is just the size of your gloves. You can bring it anywhere, anytime! Perfect for emergency situations as well!

      Dramatically cut your time in sharpening chainsaw teeth! Get this Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener today!


      Material: Plastic, whetstone

      Size: 21cm x 14cm x 3cm

      Package Inclusion: 1 unit Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener