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    Train Model Puzzle

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    Locomotive Mechanical Gears Wooden Model Kit To Build!

    Don't just be a Trainspotter, become a Train Owner! This form of transport has been with us for hundreds of years, but as any fan will tell you, the appeal of trains is far greater than mere transport. The clickety clack track. The countless journeys of thousands of people. The wind that rushes past you as the express service screams through your station and waves you goodbye.

    Technology is everywhere. We’re surrounded by it and use it constantly, to our detriment. But there’s great benefit in building and playing with traditional toys.

    Whether it’s a set of Legos, a puzzle, or just the cardboard box something came in, people enjoy using their brain to solve something and their hands to put something together. A wooden, mechanical model combines the very best of these things in one.

    Check out these reasons why building a WoodenCreate™ toy is just better.


    One of the best things about a WoodenCreate™ toy is that it develops brain function in creative and effective ways.

    Building a wooden model involves many aspects, including fine motor skillsproblem recognitionproblem-solvingplanning, and time management. These skills are important to our lives no matter what age we are. By working through the plans and the building of a model, and then being able to play with it, we develop brain functions to a higher capacity.

    Whether you build a model for yourself or you collaborate with your children and grandchildren, you will all benefit from cognitive, motor, and collaborative skill development. So, get building!

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    WoodenCreate™ skills are what employers are looking for. As we noted above, building and playing with wooden models develop these skills, so you are basically setting yourself (or your children) up for future success when you open the wooden model box and start your project.

    Each wooden model we produce refines engineering skills through building, math skills through calculations needed to make sure everything fits right, technology skills through understanding the working mechanism, and science skills through comprehension of the mechanism itself.

    Having fun building a wooden model is a gift of future potential to yourself or your family


    • Size307*67*82mm
    • MaterialWood
    • Pieces308pcs
    • Scale1:24