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    Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™

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    Instantly set up your own vlogging studio in seconds without all the unnecessary gears. 

    "This product is what I needed it makes my videos so much better and to be portable is a bonus I can shoot perfect videos on the go just a great tool to have in the tool kit love it".
    Reggie A. ✅ Verified Buyer
    The Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™ is your all in one solution to shoot the highest of quality vlogs and videos on the go, hassle-free. The easy set up process allows you to use your mini vlogging studio portably, so you can always get that perfect shot.
    The secret behind the Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™  is by combining LED Lighting, a mini shotgun microphone, adjustable tripod stands with handheld mode together with bluetooth remote control technology into one vlogging studio product.



    Reasons Why the Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™ Will Change Your Life

    ✅ ADDED PRODUCTION VALUE: Instantly set up your full vlogging studio in seconds without all the gear, so you can do more and worry less.

     ✅ PRICE & COST SAVING: The Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™' allows you to save money by providing an all-in-one vlogging solution so you can save thousands of dollars.



    ✅ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & WORK FROM HOME: The Vlogging Pro-Kit 2.0™ is conveniently lightweight and easy to pack up so you can shoot your best shots during your travel getaways and work meetings/calls. 

    ✅ ALL ROUND STARTER KIT: The perfect starter content creator kit for Youtubers, Tik Tok, Instagrammers, kids, zoom meetings, teaching courses, travel vlogs, sporting activities and so much more!
    No longer carry excessive vlogging gear ever again. The Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™ if the best lightweight solution for shooting high quality videos and vlogs on the go for the fraction of the price. Now's your chance to become that vlogger you always aspired to be, stress-free.
    Five billion Youtube videos are viewed per day, with 44% of internet users watching vlogs every month. Vlogging is now a highly competitive industry so if you want to stand out from the crowd then the Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™ is the best hassle-free set-up to help kickstart your Youtube journey.

    ✅  Create Stunning Vlogs Today, Invest In The Vlogging Pro Kit 2.0™.